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Mini-Volleyball @ Texas Invasion

For all 6 - 8 year old, boys and girls, come get your introduction to volleyball with Coach Flavio.

Starting January 24, THURSDAYS, from 4:00 - 5:15p
6 weeks sessions for $125.00

Single sessions available for $25.00 each session

Register TODAY!!


Club Prep Academy

New to Texas Invasion 
Club-prep Academy!

 Train with our coaches to learn the proper fundamentals to help grow
your volleyball skills. 
Coaches will break down the fundamentals to explain why each skill is required.  Players will be pushed outside their comfort zone to be challenged to play the right way.  Sessions are 1-1/2 hours. 
Girls will have court training for 1-hour and then game like
experience with other teams for 30 minutes. 
The training sessions are the important element, but we understand game like experience is necessary.  The goal is to help encourage players to build their strengths and confidence to be ready to play summer club volleyball.

Academy Session 1:  January 19 - February 23 – $200.00

Academy Session 1:  March 2 - April 6 – $200.00
*March 2 classes will start at 1:30 only for this day. 
Following Saturdays will follow the time schedule below.

Academy Session 2:  April 13 - May 18 – $200.00


Grades 2nd /3rd      10:00am – 11:30pm

Grades 4th /5th     11:30 – 1:00pm

Grades 6th /7th     1:00 – 2:30pm

All current registrations will be credited to the upcoming session in March

Texas Invasion Volleyball Club

Our Mission: 

To teach young players the essential fundamentals of 
through our select volleyball program. 
By providing developmental, 
club prep and club programs, 
girls will develop strong work ethics, 
positive attitude, 
love for the game and the ability to work and play 
as a team. 

Our award winning coaching staff will work to develop
goals for each player as they work to succeed both 
on and off the 

We aren’t just building players; we are building
self-confident young women and leaders. 

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    Texas Invasion VBC

    Phone: 214-695-7359

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    Texas Invasion Volleyball Club  
    1661 West I-30 Greenville, Texas 75402  
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